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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Well that is 30% of the role right there.

Anyway, I honestly think Bomer or Manganiello types are more likely, but who knows who Snyder has in mind now. Jake Gyllenhaal may actually get it since it was between him and Bale last time.
lol "30% of the role." Listen I'm not going to lie I do want a really hot guy to play the role just not any hot guy. I don't see Jake G getting it and I certainly hope he doesn't. I think that he is totally wrong for the role. That just feels like a Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern kind of choice. Lazy.

Come think with us:

Zack Snyder doesn't understand Superman or Superheroes in general.
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