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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

[/QUOTE]You are being positive and accurate. Don't you know this is a Superman thread? You have to accentuate the negative and think that MOS is a terrible flop both financially and creatively. That's the rules.[/QUOTE]

LOL!! true that! Good ol hype boards never change and never will simply because fanboys never change and haters are gonna hate.

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Spidey gets to keep the reboot record for another 2 years unless you don't count a rebooted character in a sequel (MoS: WF) a true reboot in which case Spidey gets to keep the record until Batman gets his solo reboot movie.
Don't worry spider-neil, WF most definitely does NOT count as a reboot especially since it will be seen as a semi-sequel to MOS, I think Spidey is going to keep that record (the WW one atleast, since he lost the domestic one to superman already) for quite a while! Especially if you consider than MOS is only reboot so far to come to even close to ASM's numbers. Even Critically lauded films like ST09 and BB didn't even come close while Casino royale (a critical and commerical hit) just barely missed out on the 600 mill mark. And I can't see any of the upcoming reboots (Godzilla, Fantastic 4, robocop) even coming close to what ASM or MOS have made.

[/QUOTE] That's a fantastic number especially for a reboot. What's annoying me is WBs are said to be disapointed by that number[/QUOTE]

Said by who? heresay by fanboys who have no clue on how reboots work, fanboys who think that a superman reboot should do billions because of the name superman while at the same time forgetting that Batman's reboot was a modest success.
The fact remains that it doesn't matter how famous a character is, reboots aim to establish faith in a franchise not break records (that's a job for sequels).
The fact that WB tapped the snyder/goyer team to bring their BIGGEST potential 2015 money maker speaks volumes about man of steel's success, even if 600 freaking million plus hasn't said enough already.

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