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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Juha Bach View Post
If you think about, the inclusion of batman in the sequel is necessary. The events in MOS cant be ignored especially by a character like batman. He is a very distrustful character and thus will view superman as a threat to humanity that should be neutralized.
That may be, but they could have easily done that arc with someone like Lex, or even bring in someone like Amanda Waller from Checkmate to investigate things.

They could have saved the whole Batman is distrustful of Superman arc for their meeting in the JL film.

Since Wonder Woman is not getting a solo film before the JL film supposedly, they could have introduced Batman in that film instead.

Batman's presence alone disrupts the quality of the franchise and threatens to really put a shadow over the character. Superman may be allowed to topple any foe but when he goes up against Batman, he cannot and will not be allowed to win that fight due to DC's bias attitude towards the issue.

I really don't think anyone really understands how bad the situation is right now. This film could literally kill off most of the respect that Superman got from MOS and before anyone responds with...well Goyer and Snyder wouldn't undo their hard work from MOS...well I'd counterattack that by saying that the only things that Goyer and Snyder care about are getting their paychecks from Warner Bros. and making a good film regardless of who's portrayed bad or not, along with the fact that they care about Batman first, over Superman any day of the week (proven fact by interviews)

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