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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by robot View Post
There's a difference between Box Office Numbers and how people liked or not liked a movie.

MOS had the greatest drop of all time (close) week after week, most weeks more than 60%, and that shows how 'unenchanted the general audience is'.

It got a huge boost because of Superman's brand and hype and tons of Superman Fans...

To be honest, although I personally thought it was the most enjoyable movie of the year for me (because as a huge Supe fan, I think I am a bit biased and tolerated a lot of the issues with the movie), but needless to say, lots of my friends either thought it was just 'ok' and some even totally hated it.
The drop was severe but so would any film that would have to go up against an 80 mill monsters prequel and an over performing WW Z (66). People seriously think that any movie would hold well with such competition??

All the people that I've spoken to really liked this film, infact a friend of mine who usually hates superman loved it and is now a small time superman fan!
The film is divisive for sure, but it's a big success and we're gonna see superman soon.

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