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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
All I was saying was I've read or heard from Jett of BOF and Sean Gerber of MMM that WBs were hoping for abit closer to a billion (like £800-850 mill). But that was just unrealstic in my eyes especially as it wasn't released in the greatest of slots and its a reboot after a not well receieved previous film.
WB is run by some damn fools! Jor El was right! MoS with Japan should come close to 700m WW. Maybe had WB scheduled MOS better they would be getting their 800m. I never thought I would hear a studio ***** about only making 700m. SR made better than some Marvel movies and got canned. DC needs its own movie studio bad

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