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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by JangoNate View Post
My opinion...MOS off of SR. Though SM 3 was a mess of characters and a little too much crying, I can still enjoy it from time to time because of the action. SR is just boring and boring's not a quality for a summer blockbuster.
Originally Posted by ConnorKon-El View Post
Man of Steel had the higher mountain to climb.
I enjoyed Spider-Man 3 more than I enjoyed Superman Returns and I think the general public would agree with me.
The superman film series was in worse wear than Spidey was before they got reboots.
You guys surprise me.
SR has 75% on RT and and a user rating of 63%,
SM 3 has 63% on RT and a user rating of 53%

SR was better recieved than SM 3, therefore you can argue the general audience would be more willing to give MoS a chance than ASM. ASM had to mend a lot of bridges after SM 3 destroyed those bridges.

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