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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
I missed these. Linkage, please?
Kryptonite talk (sry, it was Snyder who said it, not Goyer)

As for Goyer confirming about when the sequel takes place, I cant find the original source, but its one of his interviews where the interviewer asks him about how Superman deals with killing Zod and what not, he basically said that the follow up happens right after that point so we will see Superman come to terms with what he's done and so on, I'll keep looking for it, pretty sure it was a Deadline article.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Joe made very good points, why Superman would defeat Batman like 7 times out of ten. And the 2 out of 3 in Batman's favor, would be a standstill. Everyone says Batman is a genius, he has prep-time, and tons of gadgets. Yeah, all things that Superman apparently suddenly doesn't have, whenever he fights Batman. He's suddenly as dumb as any run of the mill thug, he is never prepared and just gets thrown into the fight, and all those weapons, gadgets and gear at his fortress of Solitude? They don't exist.

Everything gets written in Batman's favor, while Superman apparently just stands around with his thumb firmly lodged up his ass, waiting for Batman to make his Move.

lol, thats thanks to Frank Miller and Bruce Timm and their "Bat-GOD"......gotta love it.....

It also just plain wouldn't make sense for them to fight in a death match right at their introduction, a small fight sure, maybe Batman is in Metropolis going threw the Kryptonian debris and Superman shows up to....I dont know, clean that stuff up, confronts Batman who maybe takes some Kryptonian tech and what not so that's their fight......that kind of situation is the only way I see them actually fighting which would result in a stand still or Superman letting Batman to go for some reason.

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