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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
This shouldn't even be a versus fight. AngryJoe said it best here.

Agreed... That video explains it all, but it still can be a good scene if Batman is wearing a iron man like batsuit. This would make for an epic physical fight. If not it would be a quick end to Batman like in the new 52 comics when they first encounter each other. Or, show batman discovering that Superman is weak to Kyptonite and using that to get the upper hand.

Overall, a physical fight with Batman is not possible without an Iron Man like tech suit that will enhance his strength and take in Superman's punch...

Don't forget MOS is base on real life standards so Batman has to obey by that standards too... For that reason no human will be able to take a hit from Superman or hurt him without matching sups power or weaken him.

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