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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
If Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishbourne, Diane Lane and I would think Henry Lennix all returning for this movie, where is there going to be time to shortchange Superman, let alone the countless number of Lex-Corpe logos, which means Lex ill probably be fleshed out as the main villain?

This isn't going to be a Batman origin story in this sequel. I think we'll see Bruce Wayne introduced and somehow be implemented into the story, whether it be a straight businessman coinciding first-hand with Lex or a secondary character before the big confrontation between the two Worlds Finest but I don't think nothing in Superman's world is going to be scrapped whatsoever. We will be getting the continuation of Supe's aftermath fleshed out as we would from a solo MOS sequel, but with Batman written in to combat and confront Supes in one form or another.

I'm just going by my gut and common sense as to how the announcement was made and how they will make it work. Some people think this is just going to be a Superman VS Batman movie with WB scrapping all that they came up with for MOS. That's defiantly not the case. Atleast not in how I'm reading all of it.
I agree with you for the most part. It's just that if they market this film as a World's Finest or Superman VS. Batman movie, it's going to be looked at by fans and the general public as a very different animal than a MOS sequel. They need to be very clear as to what their intentions are. Now, if this is a genuine team-up film where both Superman and Batman get ample screen time, I have no problem with WB and DC referring to their film as World's Finest. If it's a Superman sequel, however, where Batman is treated as a supporting character, then the public needs to know that. Don't BS fans and general audiences with the promise of a team-up film (like Avengers) if that's not what we're going to get.

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