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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - P

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Again mkilban lol I tell you this so often, you DO have to understand the perspective of comic book fan, you aren't much of a reader, so it's not nearly as easy for you to see it from our perspective. While I do agree about this guy with you, I have to say in an unrelated comment, these films are the closest things a reader gets to real life versions of the characters they love reading about. If they get brought to the big screen, there IS a desire and a hunger for it to be as close to the source material as possible. I'm not throwing any digs, but until you start reading comics, you really can't understand or expect a reader to simply be okay with the difference, it's a wee bit ignorant dude.

But I know you mean well, you're one of the most legit posters for that other guy you quoted...he's a lost cause, so don't even waste your time lol
Yeah I take the fact that most here are big time comic readers into consideration when I post and i respect their stances fully, but from time to time I just see something that irks me in a posters complaints lol. I think its fair to so that marvel has done a more than stellar job adapting these characters as closely as possible and making them work very well. Some people sometimes want too much, if Thor was to show his comic strengths like lifting the Midgard Serpant in a film. . Then what's really left? Just throw him into battle from now on and everyone else can go take lunch.

I do wanna see characters do more and come as close to their comic counterparts as possible, but in moderation.

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