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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by Random490 View Post
Superman grew up on a farm, Batman spent years of his life training and learning not just beeing smart but specifically training to become and master
strategist. While superman may have an inherent greater capacity for intelligence gifted to him by evolution he has not shown much interest in learning military tactics. Plus smart people do not always have smart children. He's parents were genetically engineered to be genius', he was not and did not have the same benefits or a kryptonian education. Also if he was really that smart the movie would have ended much sooner.
you think Superman, with the ability to read an entire book in a matter of seconds, spent his entire life just watching the grass grow and skipping rocks?

Superman would have read and learned more in a week than Batman could in a year. There is zero reason to think Superman has less intelligence or less knowledge -- the great weight of reason leads us to the opposite conclusion.

The major difference here is that Batman is the type of person who would prepare well ahead of time, from the moment he learns of superman's existence he will being formulating a strategy. And will come to metropolis prepared. That just the type of person he is. Superman isn't like that, he wears his heart on his sleeve, is naive, and is over confident because nothing has ever truly hurt him.
A man that can hear and see everything around him is naive? He may have a heart of gold but he is not unaware. No one is more aware of his surroundings, and people's true intentions.

Or maybe he's only five feat away. Also I hate the people who basically say "Kryptonite is no fair" yeah well using our yellow sun is no fair. Honestly kryptonite is a brilliant idea that should be ignored for being a "cop out" Superman is a character that has never had to really face his own mortality in any real sense, he's gone through life being basically invulnerable, even in man of steel the thought of being kill doesn't enter his mind cause he could take all their punches. But introducing something so simple and so effect that could make him vulnerable and can conceivably kill him by just being around it would have such a profound effect on him.
You know what Batman's kryptonite is?

A bullet. A hammer to the temple. Falling out of a window. Being hit by a car. He could die at any second from a million different causes.

Kryptonite is a cop-out because it wouldn't really work if Superman actually existed. He would see it coming from a mile away. You wouldn't get 5 feet away from him. He'd fly away or blast you into eternity.

Well then you just don't understand Superman's character if that's the case
That line has actually been written in the comics. But, yeah, it's me who doesn't understand him.

And the way I picture the fight going is Batman constantly moving using all his stealth, deceit to constantly introduce new tactics that keeps Superman off guard and off balance.
What stealth? He can't hide from Superman.

Each action hitting him in a way doesn't expect. Using multiple sonic batarangs with ear piercing sounds playing at all different pitches so Superman can't tune it out.
He can tune out sounds.

Flash explosive with powder that temporarily blinds Superman,
Why would a flash bang blind someone who can shoot fire out of his eyes?

then several highly powerful and targeted explosions to key points on his body.
Oh no! Not explosives! What ever will he do!?!?!?!?

All this just to buy enough time for an airdrop of kryptonite to deliver a final blow to know him out.
Ah, yes. There's enough kryptonite just laying around on earth to air drop it from a helicopter. Good one. Does he get it from his kryptonite farms? Maybe it just grows on trees.

Though Batman wouldn't come through this unscathed, bruised body, broken equipment, dislocated shoulder, and a few cracked ribs. Perhaps cough of some blood to sink in the fact he's lucky to be alive. When asked about he'll give the classic line "I'll live"
I'm curious if Superman has enough control over his abilities to hit him hard enough to break Batman's bones without killing him. If he did, he would have to be making the conscious decision to hurt him and not kill him.

I had the sequence in my head for a while, based on the idea that superman's minds gets taken over like in the Hush storyline. But I would like to see something simlar happen that. A fight like this can be tricky cause you want both parties to win as to not upset the fanboys, But I think Batman should get the edge so you can show what this new Batman is capable of and firmly establish him while demostrating to Superman that he isn't utouchable, setting up Luthor as a major threat.

Just my two cents
Two cents is generous.

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