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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
If this is a Superman movie then Batman cannot be expected to shine along with Superman. I can't imagine Batman being in all his glory when this is the first we see of him with a Superman coming off a solo film and with issues that needs immediate fleshing out.

Logically this film is a MOS sequel with a guest appearance from Batman.

If this is a full out Versus film someone will be painted in a bad light. Someone will lose.

There needs to be a powerful villain or army of villains.

Goyer said Superman will be realized. The WB say that there will be a face off. Snyder put a Worlds Finest logo.

All those three scenarios conflict with each other.
Because, like I said before, they want to have their cake and eat it. Their intent, I think, is to stuff quite a bit into just one movie, which will be a pretty daunting task especially if this thing clocks under three hours.

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