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Default Re: What is your most anticipated upcoming Marvel movie?

Let me be the oddball here.

The Fantastic Four (Mostly curious more than anything,plus I kinda wanna see the FF given another shot and I think Jordan would do a great job as Torch.Plus the fan reaction should be interesting.I shall have my popcorn ready for that)
X-Men: Days of Future Past (Great to see Bryan Singer at the helm again,plus with the cast of characters this should be great)
Guardians of the Galaxy (It's in Space with a talking Tree and A Racoon.I'm there)
Ant-Man (I know almost nothing about Ant-Man,but it's Edgar Wright)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( I enjoyed the first Cap and this one seems like it could be great.The addition of Anthony Mackie is a good one imo.)
The Avengers 2 (The only reason this is so low is because wellI don't know much about it.I know Ultron's gonna appear,but it's too early.)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2(Meh,I thought the first one was okay.The stuff I've seen doesn't excite me,but I'll wait to hold judgement)
Thor: The Dark World (See comment above)

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