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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

I want to see Batman pull creative Luthoresque plots out of his belt without kryptonite and still lose to Superman, at this time. they should demonstrate that Batmna can at least for a time hang with the heavy hitters, but I only want two scenarios where Batman could actually beat Superman on the movies.

One would be in a Justice League movie where Clark is being controlled by someone and is obviously and somewhat successfully fighting off the control. Batman would strictly be the tactician and strategist, and the combined powers of Wonder Woman (point man), Flash (speed superiority), Green Lantern (projection of equal force for a short time), and Martian Manhunter (assymetrical and psychological warfare) can overcome Superman by the skin of their fingernails. Basically, Batman would be linked to them mentally through Manhunter and exploit some of Superman's more basic weaknesses (theoretically, he could be suffocated into unconsciousness, etc.) and the laws of physics (mass * acceleration = force) in rapid fire for what amounts to a Justice League combo attack.

The second would again feature Superman in a compromised state and rely on a history of trust between the two in which Superman actually endorses Batman's anti-Kryptonian contingency plans, complete with Superman giving Batman custody of kryptonite fully intent on Batman using it on him. This would be the type of scenario that requires a status quo to have already developed between the two.

Otherwise, I'd personally prefer Sperman to still clearly win, though a stalemate or a fight to free Clark from mind control could be okay. I always liked the way they dealt with Superboy getting controlled for the third time: he regained enough control over his eyes to heat-vision a message to his friends on how to beat him. I'd kind of like to see that applied to any confrontation between the two now.

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