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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
I feel if you put Evans in any Gosling role you would get close to the same result, better or worse depending on the role.
This is because you have a false idea of who he is as an actor. Because you've listed the movies you've seen him in and you haven't seen his best work. Evans is a block of wood in comparison. Gosling (if one has seen all his movies) is close enough to be on par with the likes of Bale and Fassbender. And do not underestimate an actors ability to go from talkative, charismatic, etc to downright quiet and only acting through looks and facial expressions. It's something extremely overlooked and shows true acting. Like Deniro in Jackie Brown. When an actor has done loud performances with lots of monologue then can play such an introverted character, it speaks volumes. Gosling has done this internal acting in Drive and Only God Forgives and it is something that would fit like a glove with private Bruce Wayne.

Evans is decent but he's not on the same level. There's something forced about Evans when it comes to emotion. There's something very natural with Gosling, especially when he works with Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine, Place Beyond The Pines) where it feels like you're watching a documentary.

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