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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

I think Batman should be older than Superman. Batman isn't stronger than Superman, so he needs to be older and wiser than him. Batman needs to have a moral superiority over Superman and that only comes with age.

I presume the sequel won't ignore the fact that Superman killed thousands of people and Batman, as a result, thinks he's dangerous and wants to stop him.

A Batman the same age as Superman wont have the requisite experience to tackle Superman.

We're getting Batman v Superman in 2015, Justice League in 2017, and the earliest another Batman film could come about is 2019.

I think the 2019 Batman film could be based on The Dark Knight returns. This would call for an older Batman.

That's why I think Jon Hamm, David Boreanaz and Karl Urban are actually suitable for the role age-wise.

They all look the part, they all have the physique of Batman, they are all humorous (good god this film will need some) and they are charming and charismatic. They would be excellent Bruce Waynes as well as Batman.

We've never seen an older and wiser Batman on film. I'd like them to explore that. We've had Nolan's excellent work - but now I want something new and fresh. What I DO NOT WANT is a pretty boy MTV Batman.

My concern is that they will go for a pretty Bruce Wayne as opposed to a masculine Bruce to get the female audience.

And in terms of Jon Hamm, David Boreanaz and Karl Urban's ages - here's a thought... Robert Downey Junior was 43 in the first Iron Man film. He's 48 now. You wouldn't think it.

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