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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread

Lex isn't just some uptight aristocrat type. But if Zane played him, I fear that is the type of Lex we would get.
But he is a egomaniac.

Im not a Zanefan or anything. I do this he is a fit for Lex, and it has nothing to do with being bald Any actor can shave their head.

I just see him as one of the guys, who for reasons mentioned above, are exactly why he can get in front of cameras, reporters, etc and fool the world.

Titanic is a decent example of why he would do well in the part. Simply, the rich egomaniac part fits him well.

Edit: To add a odd dimension to Zane for Luthor, in the clip I posted, I just realized how much he resembles Brando.

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