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Default Re: Bonus Material on the IM3 DVD&BR

Originally Posted by Blake II View Post
I want to see the damn post-credits scene that was ORIGINALLY INTENDED TO BE IN THE MOVIE.

You know, the one where Iron Man is seen in his white space armor and hears a distress call in space and flies over to see what's happening. That would be so *****ing epic to connect GotG with the Avengers if Iron Man is the first to meet them like in the comics.
Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
That was never intended to be in the movie because it never existed, it was just El Maybe talking out of his arse trying to get hits.
yup it was just a rumor, not to mention now that SDCC has come and gone GoTG connects phase 3 or Avengers 3 and not Avengers 2. A scene like that would clash with the timeline of the movies.

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