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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
The common opinion is that he's a weak writer who has good story ideas and works best when partnered with other writers who make up for his weaknesses. The Dark Knight Trilogy was (mostly) great, but it also had Jonathan and Christopher Nolan involved in the writing process. Also, the film Goyer had the least amount of involvement in, The Dark Knight, is generally considered to be the best of the series. Also also, it's generally thought that hist worst movies are the ones he wrote entirely by himself, and those are fairly awful films (Blade Trinity being a prime example).

Wow, God no. I'm really not a fan of Geoff Johns as a writer.
A lot of Batman fans think that Begins was the best "Batman" movie though and I believe that was the one with the most involvement from Goyer.

And the Geoff Johns thing was a joke.

Anyway, I'm not saying Goyer is the best out there, but I do think people are overreacting to his and Snyder's involvement.

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