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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

I guess I'm not too surprised about this announcement especially in the context of WB history with trying to have a team up film in one form or another since 2004. Heck they were talking about putting Batman in the Superman Lives Nic Cage days. Then they tried JLA in 2007 to which Nolan and Singer opposed. Then we had El May's report that Nolan or not, WB wanted to do either a Worlds Finest or JLA.

I think in WB's mind, after Nolan was done with his trilogy , and Snyder was making a world in which these characters could fit , All bets would be off , and a team up film was gonna happen one way or another.

Further, I think while Snyder and co would have preferred a solo sequel, WB always wanted a team up after MOS, whether it was JLA or MOS. I don't buy the arguement that it was a last minute thing that they did only because MOS did't hit a billion. I think it was a factor, but truthfully they were probably mandate a team up next anyway.

I think WB feels that Disney Avengers has given them the license to move forward full steam ahead. I suspect that from their pov , they could take the slow world building route trying to get several individual franchises off the ground over this decade leading up to JLA, however by the time they would reach their goal, Marvel would be in phase 3 and probably rebooting several of their properties making JLA or Batman/Superman seem almost moot.

WB probably feels that they had two different solo Batman franchises and Several Superman films and tv shows. Therefore, they can afford to do something new which will guarantee a fortune from the general public despite what fan bases have issues with it.

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