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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
I think the characters involved should be Batman, Superman, Lois, Martha, Perry, Jimmy, Gordon, Alfred, Lex, Metallo, and Joker.
My idea is basically the World's Finest animated movie on film
I think it definitely needs pretty much all of those characters minus maybe Joker. I personally think dusting off Joker so soon is a mistake and if there is a Batman villain I'd rather it be one we didn't get in the Nolan trilogy. Lex is such a great foil for both Superman and Batman that its almost unnecessary to bring in a second major villain. Metallo is a good idea though because we need a big physical threat to Superman.

I think it could be cool to do something like Public Enemies where Lex put out a bounty on Superman..

And should we get regular evil billionaire genius Lex or President Lex. I definitely want President Lex at some point i just don't know if it should be in World's Finest or Justice League.
I'd rather see Lex as the billionaire business man and build to Lex being president further down the line.

You could do Batman and Superman going to Apokolips, that could be pretty awesome too.

Or Ra's and Lex. Or Brainiac and Lex. Really there are so many villain choices
Ra's (one closer to the comics with the Lazarus Pit and Talia by his side) and Lex would be a good idea but I doubt they'll bring back Ra's so soon.

One plot idea I had was Luthor and maybe a Gotham mob boss (Penguin? Black Mask?) doing work with Intergang and the film ends with a big hint towards Darkseid who is really controlling Intergang and would be the villain in the Justice League movie.

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