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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

Ive watched them all on blu ray this week leading into Wovlerine. I gotta say that X2 is still technically The best. X1 is my favorite, its got a special place in my heart. First Class is good fun and a well made movie.

The Wolverine Ranks among them for sure if not topples them. I wouldn't argue with anyone that says the Wovlerine is the best, but it is just a Wolverine centric movie. I have a feeling DOFP will easily easily top X1 and 2.

Also The Wolverine does a better job of what X3 was suppose to do... The Wolverine is so good it makes X3 a better film By legitimizing and making us CARE for a certain relationship. How is that possible... haha.

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