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Default Re: The Official Avengers: Age of Ultron Fan art & Manips thread

Cool. I'll post mine here!

With "Age of Ultron" being the theme, we now know why Scarlet witch plays a major role in the film, since in the comics:
1.) A chance meeting has her indirectly lead him to bad things
2.) Her hex magic is able to defeat his circuitry through his armor.
3.) He kills her. (Not likely in this film.)

That being said, there are SO many characters now, and it's damn impossible to put all the Avengers in it. Instead of using the same iconic graphics everybody has seen before, I came up with this split design. Enjoy, and let me know what you all think!

Well, I haven't seen any sweet Avengers 2 posters with Ultron... so I got on that today. Let me know what you think.
I thought this was a creative way to go instead of just bombarding a graphic with images of Avengers you've already seen a thousand times. This is meant to put some things in perspective and actually get you excited

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