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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

without a Superman weakening tool like kryptonite, Batman cannot win a physical fight against Superman unless they portray Superman as a very stupid man who doesn't want to win. Even then Batman would not 'win'.

For all his training, Batman can't hit Superman, who dodged rounds from an A10, which travel much faster than any human punch or kick.

And no miracle super powered super invulnerable suit will help because Batman
a) won't be any faster than an albeit highly trained human brain will allow. which isn't fast enough.

Look at how fast Superman accelerates when he intended to move fast. The human body could not handle those g forces. So a punch with just enough effort to knock Batman (who as a human being could not react fast enough to dodge) back at a fast enough speed that he would faint in the same way a pilot could when they pull too high g forces. hell, Superman could just grab him and take off at a sufficient speed for g forces to be sufficiently high to knock Batman out.

No mention of killing or burning Batman.

Using kryptonite or weakening tool, maybe yes as a first encounter. and never again, unless Superman is again treated as one of the dumbest creatures going around.

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