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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
And after all that, he was still holding back. Even in his weakened state, before the Kryptonite, he could have killed Batman if he wanted to. If Superman would ever truly go rogue, I doubt any of Batman's plans would actually work. Having a Plan is one thing. Executing it successfully is another. Unless the plan is called the rest of the Justice League.
Yeah that's true too, cause he's more concerned about Bruce's hear. This is one reason I've never been totally in love with the way Batman is written in the Dark Knight Returns, he's just all about his ego and to quote Lois in MOS "measuring *****" that he just came across as unlikeable to me. That's also another reason I preferred the animated films to the book, the removal of the inner monologues made not only Bruce but even Clark come across better.

Also if Suoerman had been willing to cross that line he'd have basted Bruce with his heat vision right at the moment they make the appointment in crime alley but he's just wholly a better a person.

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