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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

I don't know about this fight, man.....Superman is not going to do anything that might permanently injure Batman, so I don't think he'd even use 1/4th of what he's capable of if he were to physically confront the guy. The reasons why Batman can conceivably beat Superman is due to psychology more than anything else, as the guy counts on Superman always restraining himself to get the upper-hand. And you know what? I have the feeling Superman's restraint is gonna be a major issue in the film, because not once does Superman use his powers to subdue an antagonistic human being. Those guys who bully the hell out of him? He doesn't even attempt to knock them out by tapping them on the head, knowing full well that'd be enough to finish any fight with a normal human being.

Batman could represent the ultimate challenge for Superman's restraint when (not IF because the powers that be are not gonna pass up a fight between the two...)they cross paths. And Batman's not gonna physically confront Superman unless he has some kind of equalizer, whether that's kryptonite, red-sun radiation...something. I mean sure, this scenario can, and probably should be a "Luthor: Man Of Steel" scenario where Batman is being dominated by the guy left and right, but when Man Of Steel has made it a point throughout the whole film how Superman holds back like it's an automatic, natural reaction for him against human beings, I think this new Batman actually has more of an advantage for beating Superman in a physical confrontation than most people might think.

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