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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

I always thought that the terraforming machines just created Kryptonite in their locations. I thought that would this universe's origin of Kryptonite to be exploited later. Surely they're not just gonna never have it?

I also think they will fight at some point in the movie. They called the movie "Batman vs. Superman" years ago, that link used from TDKR at comic-con, etc.

I also think its wrong for people to say "Superman would throw him into the sun" or "Superman would incinerate him with heat vision" or "Superman would rip his head off". Makes me wonder if the people who say that even know who Superman is. He would never do that to a regular human. Yes, he broke Zod's neck, but he was just as strong as Supes and about to kill a family with children. 4 lives>1 life. It was necessary. Killing Batman to save himself is not something he'd do.

In the Batman vs. Superman fight, or fights, it will end up either being even or Batman will win. I think those are the only options because Superman winning seems to easy and obvious. He's cool because of how powerful he is. The "unexpected" outcome would be a regular human beating this unstoppable alien. It would also show Batman doing the first Batgod action in a movie.

Im not saying I think Batman SHOULD win, but I think if its not a draw Batman WILL win. Which I'm fine with, they've each won fights against each other multiple times in the past.

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