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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Id love to see Angel one more time working with the x-men, before becoming Archangel, so I have mixed feelings with this
Angel belongs wherever Betsy is imo and vice versa. If they separate those two, your gonna miss the best and tragic parts of those characters. They already screwed up with Jean and the fall of Angel and Betsy is right up with that stuff. Theres a scene that would no doubt be the most heartbreaking thing in any of the X-Men films if adapted accurately.

As a majority of X Fans will tell you Uncanny X-Force is up there with the best of X-Men stories. Just cause it's X-Force doesn't mean its not X-Men, they can always show up in a story when required. So there shouldn't be any worries there if they go that route.....except in the execution of the filmmakers. Cause if they **** that one up, fans will rage.

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