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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

i like your idea OP - base it around..

Start it with.. Gotham skyline, dark, cold, mist appears from every angle, a horn is heard as a train rushes out of a tunnel.
Batman is on a freight train, it has lost control, the driver and guard on the floor, due to it being taken over with inmates from arkham asylum – we see the infamous joker locked up - watching on. Batman defeats goons as he makes his way to stop the train - news reports come in, helicopters fly alongside - it's dubbed as another batman sighting and police are in pursuit for both the inmates and batman - the batterang is used, as bats uses his ninja skills and stealth - we see a visually different batman than Nolan's - atop the train batman stands there, beckoning a goon to come forward, Snyder can really create a comic inspired batman - suddenly the police open fire - it gets serious - the news reports are nationwide and clark and other daily planet staff look on, details emerge that the train is headed for a densly populated area - clark takes no time to decide to intervene.
Suddenly the goons stop and look ***** scared, some burst out laughing, it creates confusion as hovering above is the alien superman - batman looks up, releases a smoke bomb and is gone.. superman collects a few goons in quick time, throws them back into a container, seals it shut with heat vision, melting the iron – he then flies further up the track and stops the train and rounds up the goons with the help of the police - from afar, in the shadows, bats looks on - p*ssed

Next, we see daily planet, then an announcement from lex, he and bruce wayne of wayne enterprises is using the recovered alien tech - saying it is for advancement of human race - behind close doors it is to find superman's weakness, or at least to be able to have a defense system strong enough - this is where kryptonite is discovered - contaminated/radiated fuel/metal from the world engine.
Bruce on the other hand, just wants to see for himself who this alien is.

Lex publicly condem's superman - where as the daily planet are championing him.

Superman soon realizes batman is on his tail – they exchange words, batman throws a punch – super speed allows batman to fall to ground – it gets heated – but batman notices superman becoming weaker – he doesn’t reveal the kryptonite, he saves it.

An army backed by lexcorp, similar to NSA is out on patrol and john corben is the rogue agent that poses a later threat to supes. He is powered by kryptonite – which has been kept secret by lex, unbeknown that bruce also is aware of kryptonite.

Metropolis slowly warm to superman – not before we see the bat signal, and when bats gets there, superman is there – he confronts bats about the kryptonite as he knew bats had something on him – again superman grows weak – batman reveals it – a struggle begins – bats has him by the throat and gives a speech – wonder what it could be inspired from. Suddenly the army lexcorp appear and they open fire on supes – it creates a distraction long enough for him to fly, fall away.

Bruce uncovers more on lex, he sees lex is evil – he also see’s superman save innocent civilians and realizes he was wrong.

A full scale army assault takes place, headed by john corben that bats comes to the aid of – offering supes a suit that will protect him from kryptonite – a replica of jor el’s suit plus mask.

The lexcorp army gets disbanded, lex claims it went rogue due to john corben and will go back to drawing board, with bruce and clark as friends…

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