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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

The most important places general audience members refer to to gauge their interest in a movie:

1) Word of mouth

2) TV/Newspapers/magazines

3) Ticket sales sites (i.e. Fandango)

4) Social media

5) Rotten Tomatoes

RT is important, but more for regular filmgoers who do constant comparisons.

The major outlets have been raving about this movie domestically, especially the important newspapers. That's huge.

This movie won't have an enormous opening weekend simply because the marketing hasn't been the best. But it will probably have some of the best legs we've seen all summer.

How Rotten Tomatoes works / How studios make money / What is front-loading?

Pre-release predictions: BvS OW pred: $165m / Second weekend drop: 70% / WW total: $850m

Pre-release predictions: SS OW pred: $130m / Second weekend drop: 65% / WW total: $550m
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