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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Surprisingly solid film, although towards the end it got a little too comic book for me, compared to the rest of it. Superbly shot action scenes, dark and violent for a PG-13, with an engaging story, a breath of fresh air. The best filmic representation of the character, so far.
As a fan, I'm happy at what I've read so far about The Wolverine. I can't wait for Friday to find out for myself.

Critics seem to find the film smart and even the ones that have voted thumbs down seem to be saying that it's at least 2/3 of a good character film with a wild ending. That formula works for me.

Reading that it is "the most gripping comic book movie of the year" and that it is "an antithesis to recent overblown blockbusters" makes me think that Mangold nailed it. Everything I've seen and read says this film has done the character justice.

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