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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Wishful thinking? How so? It's not a direct adaptation of the comic. If you go into it expecting that you're foolish. They used that story as the thematic setting for a film that still lives within the confines of the X-Men movie-verse. They weren't just going to throw it all away and make a solo outing.

That being said, I feel it had the same issues with the ending that Iron Man 3 did. Sort of a cop-out actiony battle sequence that doesn't jive with the first two acts. But it's clear why they did that (as with IM3) because at the end of the day it's a superhero movie and they needed something in there to wow the kiddies.

I'm critical as hell of comic book movies. I went into this ready willing and able to mock it. And it proved me wrong on almost every level. Opinions differ, but I'd say mine is the general consensus.


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