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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I'd rather prefer they give us legitimate threats, without the need to fall back on Kryptonite. Superman has such a rich rogues gallery. Kryptonite is simply unneeded.

Here's the thing, he needs to do nothing of that. All that is needed is one well placed hit, and Batman is k.o.. Superman knocks out normal people regularly. But of course the Bat-God is immune to knock outs and they have to drag the battle out.

Except, it's not unexpected anymore. Heck, after the line at comic con, I'm pretty sure everyone expects Batman to beat Superman. I'm pretty sure even before that line, people were expecting Batman to somehow beat Superman. The unexpected thing would be to actually have Superman trash Batman like it's nothing. And trying to beat it into Bat's thick and arrogant skull, that he is not an enemy.

If we believe Joe's knowledge of DC lore, Batman ever only beat Superman in Elseworld Tales, like Red Son or The Dark Knight Returns. Throughout the main canon Universe, they never had Batman actually beat Superman.
First paragraph: yes Superman's villains are good enough as is (Metallo should probably still have a Kryptonite power source though), but I was talking about Batman

Second: yes, he could hypothetically knock him out if Superman feels that such force is needed. But since this is Superman vs Batman, I doubt Batman will let him know "hey I'm about to attack you" or seem to be such a threat until its too late. I don't think Superman is the type to knock a human unconscious unless he needs to.

Third: I agree Batman may come across as arrogant, etc. And maybe people are expecting Batman to win. It's still amazing to see a normal human beat up what is essentially a god comparatively. People root for the underdog.

Four: it sounds like you're agreeing with me here. These movies will also not be in the mainstream universe.

I still think the fight will be a draw or Batman wins. I wouldn't think they'd want either character to "lose" but if one did I'm predicting Superman would lose and Batman gets his $41t rocked almost accidentally by Supes. How satisfying of a fight would it be if Superman knocks him out quicker than a human nervous system could process it? They're not going to make it that easy, or at least not the only fight.

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