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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

I find the whole "Superman can easily rip Batman's head off because Batman has no powers" argument to be a bit odd. That is not how a fight between them would work out. Batman is not an idiot. He would not walk up to Superman and just start throwing fists at him, even with Kryptonite. A legitimate fight between them with no PIS involved would not be handled that way.

Before getting into a fight with him, there are several variables Batman would study. Those factors range from the area the fight would take place in to the study of Superman's psychology for a mental/emotional weakness he can exploit to a physical weakness to giving Superman a reason as to why hitting him in the first place would be bad (i.e. "I injected Lois with a virus that would kill her instantly if your fists come in contact with my body" - really stupid example but you get my point), etc. Bruce is nowhere as strong as Clark but he is just as dangerous as he is for entirely different reasons.

I always found the argument that one is stronger than the other to be a bit stupid. I do sometimes joke around that Batman can easily beat Superman with both hands tied but I never seriously mean that. In my mind, both characters have to be equal. I have two reasons for this. First, Batman was originally created to be the yang to Superman's ying. Bill Finger and Bob Kane set out to create a character that was the complete polar opposite of Superman. That meant that whatever Superman was, Batman wasn't that and whatever Batman was, Superman wasn't that. Whatever Superman can do, Batman can't. Whatever Batman can do, Superman can't. Each character represents one side of the coin and essentially complete each other. Second, Superman and Batman being equal is a major thematic element of the DC universe. The concept behind them is that Superman is the force that strikes hope into good people while Batman is the force that strikes fear into bad people. This brings a balance (thematically speaking) to the DC universe. What happens when the force that strikes hope into good people is not as powerful as the force that strikes fear into bad people? People that lack hope eventually fall into a form of depression, which leads to insanity and to more evil. What happens when the force that strikes fear into bad people is not as powerful as the force that strikes hope into good people? The evil sprung from bad people interferes with the hopes and dreams of good people.

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