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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
I want to make this clear: I don't think Superman needs to be mind-controlled for a fight to happen. I just think that one or both of them being compromised, either emotionally or mentally in some way, is a better way to handle it than Marvel-style disfunctionalism. Both heroes are more emotionally mature than Tony Stark and at least in the MOS universe are already well aware of potential backlash to their actions.

A compromised Batman or Superman allows for more aggression and hotheaded actions on their parts. Now, it could be Bruce who's been compromised; a little paranoia increase or low level brain control could justify a nastier Batman. They could incorporate both Miller's monologue about being the only man to beat Superman with Loeb's idea of Batman not being as good a person as Superman underneath everything.

If they're going to fight without any kind of compromising of the heroes, then I want a slow burn and a clear objective beyond them defeating the other. Maybe Batman wants to destroy Brainiac or something while Superman wants to subdue him. Something where the fight can end with both still standing.

Of course, I don't need the to fight at all. It's just been implied they will by the announcement.
Fair enough then.

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