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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
My issue with Batman is that the writers try to make him seem invincible. He has no powers, so he highly depends on his detective skills to fight crime. However, there is a point where he might as well have super powers. Suddenly he is able to fight Superman? I want to see a weakened Batman who is vulnerable and is getting beaten down. I hate the excuse fans give to explain what Batman can do. For example:

Q: How did Batman get from Bane's prison all the way back to Gotham in TDKR?
Q: You didn't answer my question.
A: It doesn't matter, because... HE'S BATMAN!
Q: And are we really supposed to believe that he is the only one, excluding a child, that could climb out of the prison?
A: Yes. Because he is BATMAN!
Oh, yeah, these make Batman sound annoying instead of awesome

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I liked what they'd on the Smallville comic

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

This fight is pretty decent, and quite cool
How did Batman know a weakness Superman didn't know about himself? Trial and error?

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Hey, fans have been *****ing about a super-duper-uber smart Batman since 2005.
Makes me glad the adapted Bane knowing Bruce and damaging his back in TDKR

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