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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

As a lifelong Wolverine fan, the 1st and 2nd act were perfect. It was the Wolverine movie of my dreams. I was ready to proclaim it as the greatest superhero movie ever. And then the 3rd act came, and I had to shave off 1 point from my overall score. 8.5/10


Wolverine character- best portrayal so far. Ive always believed someone else could do the job better than Hugh. Now, he has owned the role. Best superhero performance ever tied with Reeve Superman and Dwney Iron Man. He's mean, scary, dangerous, mysterious, angry but has that heroic side as well.

Mariko and Yukio- they were different from their comic counterparts but worked well in the movie. Id like to see these 2 again in future movies

Mood/tone/atmosphere- the cinematography, art direction, music, pacing and editing, Mangold's direction, it didnt feel like a superhero movie. It felt like a western/samurai movie hybrid.


3rd act- it felt like another movie. Memories of Xmen Origins came to mind.
Viper- was ok in the 1st 2 acts, ridiculous in the 3rd act.

TW- 8.5/10
XFC- 8/10
X2- 7.5/10
X- 7/10
XOW- 5.5/10
X3- 5/10

Top 10 Superhero movies:
TDK- 9/10
Avengers- 9/10
Wolverine- 8.5/10
First Class- 8/10
IM3- 8/10
IM- 8/10
TDKR- 8/10
BB- 7.5/10
TASM- 7.5/10
MOS- 7.5/10

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