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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
-Good cinematography.
-The bullet train action sequence was good.
-The atomic bomb scene at the beginning was intense.
-I liked 4 out of 5 scenes from Jean Grey.
-I liked how intimate the scenes between Mariko and Wolverine. You know there was character development, there were explaining things and it reminded me of X1's scene with Rogue/Logan inside Logan's trailer. I like scenes like that.
-I liked Viper. I understood her contribution to the movie. Like I easily got that she was working for the older Yashida. Though I wish Yashida mentioned Viper's name when Yashida revealed his intentions to Logan's power. And she got the right amount of scenes. The only unneccessary thing that she did in the movie was she was taking a picture/video when Wolverine was fighting at the funeral. I get why people don't like her, she just don't fit in the movie that quite well but I liked her! HAHA!
-I liked Yukio especially at the start and when she was helping Wolverine against Shingen. I thought she was a good sidekick.
-I don't really have problem with Wolverine, Shingen, the older Yashida.
-I liked the scale of the movie. I read a negative response about the small scale of the movie and use of Japan. I totally disagree with that. I liked that they didn't make this look like a big action film. There was something unique about the tone/feel of the movie. Its like an indie film with Wolverine.
-The way Shingen/Viper/Silver Samurai were defeated are way better than the character deaths in X3/Origins and thats a plus for me.
-The mid-credits scene was nice! Totally a spotlight stealer!

-For me, Harada was the weakest character. He just wasn't developed well. Like I think if he was made as a mutant or lets say he was Sunfire, he could have been more interesting, there would be more use to him. His role in the movie was to protect Mariko but I didn't get enough and I didn't dig those scenes near the end where he was talking to Mariko then turning on to Yashida/Viper. And I have to say that "ninja versus Wolverine scene" could have been so much better.
-Mariko and Wolverine kissing. I usually hate random kissing scenes and I felt like the two kissing scenes of Mariko and Wolverine weren't necessary. Like they could have hint that there might be something to those two but a kiss right away especially at Mariko's hideaway house? Maybe an unexpected goodbye kiss at the airport would have been better, like Wolverine is about to go to the plane and Mariko calls him and give him a goodbye kiss. Cliche but that would have been better.
-I wish there was a shot of Mariko's fiance falling off the building, like face shot and landing to the pool.
-I wish there was an explanation on how Shingen traced Mariko's whereabouts.
-Yukio's prediction of Logan's death. I wish she wasn't crying when she told it to Logan. Like she only knew him for like a few days. Then her story about her parents, I thought it wasn't needed.
-The problem with the last part with the movie, the scene after Wolverine VS Shingen is I felt like it went too quickly. The pacing was the issue and it should have been executed well. I also didn't like how Mariko killed his grandfather, I don't know I just don't think it was a good moment. And the cutting of the claws! I felt like Wolverine should have a big reaction to it but of course there was no room because a lot of things were happening. Then the last Jean Grey moment was the weakest scene of Jean in the entire movie. There was something that I didn't like about the scene. And finally Yukio going with Wolverine at the end, like what happened to them, the next scene jumped 2 years later and Yukio wasn't there. Yukio should have stayed with Mariko.
-Small nitpick about the mid-credits scene, the camera work on Professor X's entrance at the airport wasn't good.

I wish I could say more positive things but I usually remember the things that I don't like or improvements that this movie needed. But from the start up to the fight with Shingen, it was very solid! The last part of the movie was shakey and things were happening way too fast and to be honest, it really dragged down the movie and sometimes its hard to appreciate the good 3/4 of the movie, if the last few scenes weren't that good and weren't execute well. But over-all, its still a good movie and I cannot wait to watch it again!

B / 7.5/10

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