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Default Re: Batman Vs. Superman... can this be a fair physical fight?

No. Of course not. Without Kryptonite or some other equalizer (for example, during the DKR fight Superman had also recently been nuked and a small-scale nuclear winter had greatly decreased the amount of sunlight Superman was getting), Batman stands no chance in a actual fight.

Therefore, the fight between the two (which I figure would come near the middle of the movie, with the climax being a team-up against Lex or whoever) would either have such a equalizer like Kryptonite (I liked that idea of the World Engine creating Kryptonite on Earth, BTW) or it would be more of a battle of wits and wills until they both realize they are being played. Perhaps it would end with Superman having basically defeated Batman with a light tap and then Batman would say some sort of thing that makes total sense and makes them realize how foolish they are being, or something.

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