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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

So over the past day I've come up with a plot for this movie, could be awful could be amazing, I'm not really sure yet. Take a look..

We open in some distant country. Maybe somewhere in the middle east, or South America. Terrorists are raiding a village. Think of Iron Man's first attack in his first movie. However, instead of a steel billionaire dropping out of the sky, Superman does. He battles the terrorists, saves the villagers and when he reaches the hiding leader, he... Wait for it... Kills him.

Yes, that's right. Superman kills again.

In a nearby tent, Superman gets out of his gear and becomes Clark Kent, International Affairs reporter for the Daily Planet. He begins typing up his story when he glances outside and sees the body of the leader he killed being covered up and taken away by soldiers. A moment of reflection for Clark.

Why does he kill?

It's been a year since the events of Man of Steel took place. In a joint venture, LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises have joined forced to finance and rebuild the destroyed Metropolis. They're nowhere near finished yet, but a lot of the city has been brought back better than ever. Lex Luthor, a middle-aged billionaire extremely popular with the public has received so much goodwill from it he's in the running for the Presidential Elections in a few months.

Across the globe, heated debates, riots, wars and protests still rage on over Superman. Does he belong here? Is he safe? Can we control him? These are just some of the questions that fuel arguments throughout so many different friendships and governments. Even while this is going on, Superman casts a watchful eye across the planet who hates him from the skies. Their protector.

A lot of the goodwill towards Lex is generated through his policies on superhumans that, if he's elected, will be carried out. He believes someone like Superman has no place in our society and is too big a threat. Either give up his secret identity and co-operate with the government or face imprisonment/extinction. Bruce Wayne wholeheartedly agrees with this, however unbeknownst to Lex, Bruce is one of the heroes that he despises so much.

Batman has been operating for a good part of the past year in Gotham, at first wanted by the police force and their commissioner, James Gordon, but slowly gaining their trust. Wayne has all the resources needed for a superhero, and is always watching and paying close attention to Superman. He doesn't approve of him. We don't get any insight to Batman's origins at first. He's a mysterious force of darkness, but he holds the belief that if one is to be a hero, they must not kill...

Meet John Corben. John (Matt Damon) is a soldier injured in the Battle of Metropolis and the lucky survivor picked by Lex Luthor to be the test subject for the 'Metallo Program'. It's a program created in co-operation between LexCorp and the US government to bring injured/disabled soldiers back to the front line and creating a new army of super-powered soldiers in the process. The experiment is a success and since then Corben has adopted the name 'Metallo'. If you want to picture what his costume is like, think what Damon looks like in Elysium this summer. He shares Lex's enthusiasm to bring Superman down and hatred towards him, as he blames him for his 'cursed' injuries. Little does he know, Kryptonian tech played a big part in the reason that Corben can still walk...

Lex is in possession of the body of Zod, and keeps several Kryptonian ships (both from the alien invasion and ancient ones found on Earth from across time) in underground bunkers of his. None of the new technology created by LexCorp would be possible without it. Luthor has been very busy indeed.

After the terrorist attack at the beginning of the movie, Batman decides to look into it and discovers a possible connection with Lex. Intrigued, he journeys to Metropolis to find out more. When Clark arrives back in Metropolis, Lois Lane presents him with a potential lead in the attack. It's the same one Bruce discovered. The story is way too risky to publish, so she brings it to her friend to investigate as his alter ego. He agrees, and pays Lex Luthor a visit...

Both Batman and Superman wind up in LexCorp Tower on the same night. Think of Batman's scenes as similar to the Hong Kong and Prewitt Building sequences in TDK, as he's taking out guards and hacking into several different computers at the same time. Meanwhile, Superman goes directly to Lex's offices and confronts him. The two talk, but it quickly becomes clear Lex wants no more but to kill Superman right here, right now. Metallo appears and he sends him to battle the hero.

Superman flies him to a park, where they fight. Metallo proves stronger than anticipated. He holds his own (he doesn't have the Kryptonite inside him... Yet) and manages to beat down Clark a couple of times.

Back at LexCorp, Batman comes across and downloads a video of the same terrorists from the opening confirming details of their plan to (presumably) Lex. They will massacre the village, and mine for the 'crystal' in exchange for cyborg technology. The crystal is, of course, Kryptonite, an item Lex has scoured the globe for and only rarely has gotten lucky. Batman searches the room and discovers a vial with a small shard of the green crystal, taking it.

Lex arrives. He attempts to shoot Batman, however this proves useless as Batman knocks him out in a few punches. He takes the memory stick with him and exits. Back at the park, Superman is slowly gaining the upper hand. He's holding back. Not going to his full power. He's not sure whether he has to kill to win.

Suddenly, a flying boomerang-type-thing zooms out of nowhere and lodges itself in Metallo's back. Batman has come to help fight the villain. Both Superman and Batman battle Corben, and quickly he is subdued. However, rather than being grateful for the help, Superman is angry that Batman came to his aid. He wishes to work alone. Batman retaliates, saying that if he hadn't come Metallo would have won, or Supes would have killed him. He says how he "isn't a fan" and deems him unworthy of being a hero because he kills. "If I hadn't have killed General Zod, would you still be alive? Would any of us?" "Yes. Because he would be in a prison." Then comes the moment fans have all been waiting for...


Superman clearly gets the upper hand, however Batman uses gadgets to pack a punch. Tear gas, tasers etc. It's an even fight. However, suddenly, Superman stops. He stumbles, collapsing. Chokes up blood. It looks as if he's been poisoned. Batman is clueless, and then he notices the vial of Kryptonite. An idea forms. He takes the body, and exits.

And that's all I've really got so far that's solid. The rest is just ideas. Metallo goes to prison and will either break out for the climax or as the main villain in a sequel. Batman acts as a mentor to Superman throughout the movie, even though they're at odds a lot. Gradually we get bits of information on his origin, his training, why he's so secretive. Then, near the end, he reveals himself as Bruce Wayne and Superman reveals himself as Clark Kent. The climax will be MUCH smaller than the one from Man of Steel, just really focusing on Lex causing some destruction. Yes, he has the power suit in this movie. Probably on the same scale as the Iron Man finale.

One idea I was toying around with was a way to humanize Lex a bit and make the audience sympathize with him. Like in the Inception scene in the mountains when Fischer goes into the futuristic medical room to see his dying father, Lex does the same (but at his home), however it's his wife that is sick and dying. She has contracted a rare, incurable disease that tortures Lex every day of his life. Near the end of the movie, either during a confrontation in Lex's home between he, Batman and Superman or the disease just finally became too much, his wife dies and Lex transcends into utter insanity. He wears a prototype power suit he was developing for the army as a successor to the cyborg technology and causes havoc in Metropolis.

The theme I wanted to explore was the question 'What does it take to be a hero?'. Batman is of the opinion that anyone who kills to achieve justice cannot be a hero. Superman believes the opposite. Lex believes he's being a hero by campaigning for the end of Superman and other costumed "superheroes" to protect the Earth from their imminent threats. Superman's arc consists of answering his own question of whether he should kill, and he decides that he shouldn't. The Superman we're with at the end is one step closer to becoming the one we know and love from the comics.

Pretty extensive, so props if you sat and read through it all, but thoughts?

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