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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman: can't we find a better title than that? Any suggestions?

I love how all the outlets are pretty much stating the title is Batman vs Superman when Goyer said, "We don't know what we are calling yet" and gave a few suggestions. I doubt that those will be the actual title of the movie. I mean the "vs" is tacky and lame. I get it, it tells the audience Batman will face off against Superman. But can you be a little more creative WB/Goyer/Synder. Might as well call it Batman takes on Superman and they fight and make up, then fight bad guys I still think if there isn't a subtitle, just call it Batman & Superman NO "vs" please.

If it is truly a sequel, how about
Superman: The shadow of the Bat or if they really are wanting Batman in there Superman: Legend of The Batman.
come on Goyer and Synder, you say you are making a Man of Steel sequel, why not put Superman in the title! Have the Batman or Bat in the subtitle and have the LOGO. If the GA doesn't know that Batman is in this movie that's because they are idiots and don't deserve to watch this movie. Plus there is marketing. Market material with Bruce and Lex. How about some viral marketing. This movie could have some awesome potential for viral if you ask me.


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