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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

And yes, the internet connects people, for better or worse. The danger I think is when this stops being about learning from each other and sharing and more just a propagation of hate culture and god worship(see the "nites" added to certain directors names).
If fans spend 2 years bashing an actor after being cast(as many would have in the past), how does that influence and affect this same audience's perception of a film performance(for better or worse)..The internets.
Yeah, that's the sucky part of the net, and there's really no getting away from that in any form of democratization; the bitter has to be embraced along with the sweet. But I can choose to either learn and share or indulge in hatingz -- that's the freedom of choice most anyone has on the net.

If I want extreme, infantile fanboyism, I'd head down to the IMDB boards. If I want informed, thoughtful dialogue and discussion (for the most part), I come on right here. Sure, two years of non-stop bashing of a casting call would indubitably influence my view, but it's also up to me, the individual, to exercise the necessary self-discretion.

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