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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
There were many "issues" with some of the ideas in Superman Returns (Supes leaving, the super son, etc...), but overall, the story was well told and executed in a way that was emotionally satisfying, even if one disagreed with some of the creative choices.
I agree with you. Even when the premise should have been explained lots more, the final result is satisfying and truly moving.

Originally Posted by NewYorkSpider View Post
I loved how they made Superman emotional. That's one thing I loved about Superman Returns.

That whole scene with him listening to Lois say she doesn't love him anymore to Jor-El telling him "even though you've been raised as a human you're not one of them"

John Ottman's score during this part was fantastic.

SR was when they took Donner premises and gave them a touch of realism. Jor-el had predicted he would feel alone, and even when in Donner movies we had a bit of that, it was SR who showed us how alone he could feel among humans.

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Some points that should be noted -

* The term "Deadbeat dad" does not apply to Superman as he was not aware of the child's existence.

* Lois was not married to Richard White, they were in a "prolonged engagement", she could not forget about Superman and she still had feelings for Superman, that was the reason why she did not marry Richard.

* Lois Lane raised Jason, not Richard White.
THANKS. Thanks for noticing all that. Yes, the terms are mistakenly used and yes, Lois "hated" the big question. She was not in love with Richard the way she was with Superman.

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