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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by Hamill-Joker View Post
Here's my problem with this statement. There is no such thing as a flawless movie.

This is true....there really isnt. BUT the less flaws the better...what I meant was not "flawless" but less flawed. I did follow up and say that too.

Overall MOS really was an over-crammed wannabe-ish movie. It's like as if maybe they did want to produce a truly epic film...but they lost touch of what is needed to do just that. Instead it felt fast forwarded and convoluted.
I did like it....I far far from HATE it(like IM3 trash). But it seems its flaws were not just little and had some fundamental flaws...and thats tougher to forgive or oversight. It just didnt dig in and leave you mesmerized EVEN THOUGH you could tell they imagined it would. I sum it up as they maybe maybe did want to make it EPIC....or they just didnt really care and were ok with Medium.

SupVsBat should be EPIC.

I could only say this....I feel as tho some of the MOS creative geniuses DO have talent....but its like they needed a OLD SCHOOL mentor to swoop in and say LISTEN YOU CANT DO THAT...that bs your wanting to do right there!!! you cannot do'll sway the viewers in the wrong direction. If they had maybe George lucas or SS or Ridley Scott or maybe even there to say woah woah your moving to fast...and maybe splicing bits and parts of the origin while working action in the middle of it isnt such a good thing your losing the feel and speciality.

I think sometimes creative geniuses want to do breakthrough introduce new formats to viewers...I feel like the format or delivery of MOS was crap.....I also dont think the first movie in any franchise is the oppt to play format "dice"...and the creative geniuses should work their talents in a known to work sort of way...and push for new envelopes or formats fugn elsewhere or maybe pt2. But starting off with blurr/tornado of a film is not a good sign. And shows poor decision making skills on the part of the creative geniuses.

Which fills up the tank with dread for SvB because it should be as flawless as possible with a WOW that was Epic feeling.

Not excited due to MOS...but sometimes we all get surprises tho. Maybe the moon and earth will align correctly at just the perfect times their brains need more or less gravity.

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