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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 4

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
DrCosmic, except that Stark WASN'T the main focus of Avengers, I really don't get why people are saying that.
The reasons I say it are:
1) Stark has the most significant character arc of the film, both in degree of change, time devoted to said arc, and relevance to the overall story.
2) Stark is the one who actually fixes the problem (with an assist from Black Widow, and technically, the WSC)
3) Stark is the one who deduces Loki's plan and confronts Loki on a personal level. Even Thor cannot get inside Loki's head, but Stark does, and makes it look good.(Edit: And Stark figures out the plan so quickly because it's centered on him!)
4) Stark is the first Avenger we meet, he has arguably the grandest entrance. If we count Thor's entrance as greater, then... well, it was great because he was fighting Iron Man.
5) Stark also figures out what SHIELD is up to and basically pwns them, though to be fair, his suspicion does provoke Cap to do the same.
6) RDJ pretty much steals every scene he's in, except the Big Lab Argument
7) He was the most promoted and most favorited character.
8) Stark is the center of the climactic scene, and has the last line.
9+) I could kinda go on and on. Anything that made any other character important (with the possible exception of Loki) Stark seems to have done and then some. Cap gives orders... when Stark tells him to. Hulk smashes Loki... after Stark fortold his inevitable defeat and put him on his back. Thor lightnings up some Behemoths, Stark flies straight through them. Coulson dies failing to stop Loki, Stark practically dies succeeding.

Now, all the Avengers were ostensibly equal, and they all did cool things and had necessary roles in the story, but the Iron Man was clearly the most significant and relevant member of the team.

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