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Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Well, I mean, me and some other guy got off on a tangent about wether or not Aldrich Killian counted as The Mandarin, so Iron Man did overshadow Superman for like a second.

Again, my bad.
Okay. I didn't see it that way, but it's no big deal.

Anyway, back to discussing MoS and Superman. I didn't mention this in my comments on the film from earlier, but one of the things that I liked - particularly since I'm not that big of a fan of Superman but do know the characters and have some knowledge of their various dynamics as they've been brought to life in the past - was the way Goyer, Snyder, and Nolan had Lois willfully and deliberately seek out Superman's 'secret identity'; it gave the closing scene of him arriving at the Daily Planet a nice bit of nuance that you wouldn't have gotten any other way and made her line of 'Welcome to the Planet' both a professional greeting as well as a bit of an inside joke.

Having just praised that scene, though, I do have one tiny criticism about it, which is that Amy Adams - as phenomenal an actress as she is - played things a bit more subtly than I think she should have with the line and the scene when it comes to conveying that she knows who Clark really is.

That's really not much of a criticism, though, and is ultimately neither here nor there. It's just something I noticed as I was watching the movie.

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