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Default Re: 100% Achievement Completions

Originally Posted by amazingfantasy15 View Post
Show off! Just kidding, that's cool, I've still got 12 left. By the way, how long did it take you to get find and kill Donkey Mong? I feel like if I spent a good day or two with the game I'd get pretty close, 4 of them are each of the character special ability achievements since I've played exclusively as Gaige. I'd get 2 more by beating Terramorphus. Need a purple relic and I could get "decked out". World Traveler I could get, just need to find any areas I haven't visited which can't be many since I have the other named locations achievements. Also, for DLC's outside of Tiny Tina, I just need to defeat their Raid Bosses to finish them up.
I was aware of the Donkey Mong achievement, but I was going to look for him after I finished the main story. He was literally the first enemy I ran into in Eridium Blight.

What playthrough are you on? Normal or TVHM? If you are on one of those I can help you out with the raid bosses.

Just send me a message on XBL.
GT: Sicarius Credo

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