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Default Re: Vin Diesel Theroy

Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post
I like Vin Diesel, but if wants to play Avengers, I'm calling baby brother rules on him: give him the lame action figure nobody wants and see what he does with it. Dane Whitman, I'm looking in your direction.
Whitman already has the cards stacked against him. The only way Black Knight will work is with an amazingly likable actor. Diesel does not have the charisma to make such an obscure character work. I get that an important character shouldn't be wasted on him but you don't want him in an ill-fitting role, bringing everyone down!

Diesel might work as the Vision. Mono-tone voice, limited emotions. Really, the Vision could be just about any actor who can play it straight. If they really go down the romance road with Scarlet Witch, Diesel might not cut it then...

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