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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by dario2739 View Post
Nah, my choice would be Hugh Laurie, Cleese is too old now, but would've been perfect a few years back.

As for the movie, would love it to open with the scene of Superman and Zod crashing into the Wayne Industries satellite - but from the perspective of the satellite... then on impact, the screen to rewind to a few seconds before... then have the scene zoom out to reveal that it is actually video footage from the satellite on a screen in the Batcave, with Bruce studying the footage of the two Kryptonians over and over... before then turning to Alfred, telling him to pack his things, he's going to Metropolis!
Cleese is pretty old, but that's why Simon Callow is my first choice. Hugh Laurie doesn't fit Alfred to me. He has dry wit, but doesn't scream "Alfred". Great actor, though.

And that would certainly be an interesting way to start the movie.

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