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Originally Posted by jjgravitas View Post
IMHO, The two biggest mistakes made on Smallville were
  1. The Lana Lang story hanging on ad infinitum until she is infected with so much kryptonite that she and Clark are forcibly seperated. Messy.
  2. The way they killed off Lex Luthor, requiring that they remake him as a clone by the series end (but to my surprise, they did almost the same thing to Lex during Season Two of Lois and Clark. Luthors are all about the technology)
But I have a lot of respect for Bryan Q. Miller, so If he decides to do a story involving Lana, Id like to see how it turns out. As long as she stays out of Clark's head and heart. Nobody should want to see that happen. Again.
The Lana/Lois story is already finished a little while back. It was great for a Lana story.

As for Lex, according to Bryan Q Miller and Al Septien, the Lex/LX-0 is the original Lex from seasons 1-7, 8 that died in Requiem and the Lex seen in Lazarus only with clone parts.the Lex using cloning to survive also happens in the comics, mainly in the nineties where Lex posed as his own Australian son who looks eerily similar to John Glover Lionel Luthor with more red hair.

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